About us

“We are committed to producing the most beautiful and highest quality designer fine jewelry using sustainable, socially responsible materials. Our jewelry is made exclusively with lab grown and repurposed diamonds and other precious stones, recycled gold, and Serinium®, an exciting new jewelry alloy that is made from high-tech industrial metals and the products of existing mining operations. We believe that we can make the finest jewelry in the world by taking advantage of the resources we already have all around us.”

Our Product – Unisex Rings, Fine and Fashion Jewelry

  • Serinium® rings, a proprietary fine jewelry metal with superb qualities
    • Beautiful bright white color
    • Ultra-hard
    • Extremely durable – will not tarnish, oxidize or change color
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Safe – can be quickly, easily and safely removed in an emergency
    • Patent U.S. 9,289,037
  • Ceramic rings
  • Titanium rings

“We are dedicated to the design and craft of fine and stylish men’s and women’s rings and wedding bands, as well as fashion jewelry, that can safely be worn by men and women during their every-day activities“